Thunder Funds allows people to raise funds for a good cause.

Friends, fans, and inspired strangers can support your Campaigns on Thunder Funds. We allow you to easily create a Campaign, then share it through your social and other networks. It really is that simple.
Oh, by the way - you don't have to pay a cent. We take a very small fee (5%) from what you raise to cover our costs.

Create your campaign, then ...
quickly and easily spread the word about about it:

We Support:

  • Personal Campaigns
    These are for Causes. All are successful even if the target isn't reached.
  • Standard Campaigns
    These are for Projects that intend to achieve a specific goal, and may offer rewards.
  • Equity Campaigns
    These are for capital investments in Start-Ups.


Where campaigns come from > People just like you

Each and every Thunder Funds campaign is the independent creation of someone like you.
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